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Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation aims to make a change in  companion animal welfare by eradicating rabies through controlling the animal population in the most humane way which is neutering.

Rabies Eradication and Pet Population Control in the Philippines

Rabies remains to be a neglected endemic disease that is equally fatal and preventable in both humans and animals. Rabies virus is transmitted to humans through a bite or scratch from an infected animal, it can also be acquired in extremely rare cases of organ transplants. It attacks the central nervous system and once it enters the  brain it is almost impossible to be treated. Anti-rabies vaccination is the most commonly used method in regional eradication of rabies, however it will only be truly eliminated with animal population control.

Animal population control can also benefit the overall welfare of the animals in the country. Animal abuse, neglect and abandonment are results of pet overpopulation. It is also the main culprit for high kill shelters. Stray animals and pet overpopulation is a dilemma that affects every community, it is a problem that is attributed in the  spread of deadly rabies from one area to another, rabies is a disease that shows no discrimination on animals whether housed or stray, they can all be affected. Overpopulation is a problem that has an easy, safe and reliable solution.

Neutering or “kapon” is a routine surgical procedure that renders animals to be sterile, a practice that pet owners can grant not just for the welfare of their pets but also for the other animals, it can also prevent them from having some behavioral and medical issues that allows them to have a healthy and happy life.


“Making a change in companion animal welfare.”

The PPBCC Foundation aims to create a positive coexistence between humans and companion animals.


We envision the Philippines to be a rabies-free and stray-free country.


It is our aim to make Philippines a rabies-free country and to improve the living conditions of dogs and cats through providing low-cost and free neutering.

Core Values

• Dedication •

 Commitment to the protection of people and improving the welfare of companion animals.

• Equality •

Availability of services to all the levels of society and to all-breed or type of companion animal.

• Social Responsibilities •

Make co-existence of human and animals safe by eradicating rabies.

• Influence •

Education on responsible pet ownership and the benefits of neutering.

• Empowerment •

Conduct training and seminars for veterinarians.

Goals and Objectives

 Provide Low-cost and free neutering

Establish neuter clinics in the key areas of the Philippines

 Work with public and private sectors to conduct neuter projects

 Conduct outreach missions in every province of the country

 Strategic “Trap/Capture Neuter Vaccinate Return/Release” programs

Making A  Change

In Companion

Animal Welfare

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