Taguig City Free Spay Neuter 2019

To all Taguig City Residents FREE SPAY/NEUTER brought to you by the City Veterinary Office Calling out the non-Taguig City residents, Bida Ang Aso Ko! A Special Veterinary Mission is extending their services for you! Hurry and don’t miss your chance to get your pets...

Free Spay Neuter with UP Rodeo Club

103 pets spayed and castrated today with UP Rodeo Club! Controlling dog and cat population plays a very important role in Rabies eradication and improving the quality of life of our dogs and cats in our country.

San Pedro Laguna Free Spay Neuter

Free Spay Neuter at San Pedro, Laguna courtesy of City Vet Dr. Templado Congrats Dr. Templado for a great start of Rabies Awareness Month. 197 pets spayed and neutered today at San Pedro, Laguna. PPBCC surgeons Dr. Justin, Dr. Monina, Dr. Jasper and Dr....

Siargao Animal Health Day

2 Day Free Spay Neuter Mission with Puppy Puddle Siargao 190 pets spayed and neutered in our 2 day outreach mission in Siargao with the help of Puppy Puddle Siargao and Miss Madalyn Grahn. Again, our gratitude to everyone who made it possible.
PPBCC at Cebu July 2018

PPBCC at Cebu July 2018

Our team participated in a two-day spay and neuter event at Cebu city headed by Dr. Alice Utlang June 30 “Halad sa Kapamilya”Cebu City Veterinary Services lead by Dr. Alice Utlang. 300 Pets neutered together with PVMA, CCAPA , SWU-CVM, Dr. Miriam Lopez Vito of...