One Time Donation

Every support takes us a leap closer to achieve our goal for a rabies-free and stray-free country. 

Any amount of donation will always be a big help for every animal in the shelter and we know that your kindness will always be the key to a much better world for man and animals alike.

If you wish to donate one time, please click the button below. Your donation will go for our foundation's general funding.

One Hundred
Pesos Donation

This is our one hundred pesos ($2) donation campaign. 

In our call to end rabies and stop animal cruelty by controlling the animal population, we are calling out all our followers to donate a small amount that together will make a big impact for the work that we do.

We can't simply do it without the support of the community, every little count. 

Monthly Giving Program

The monthly support we get will enable us to sustain our foundation. Providing medical care for the animals and doing outreach programs requires enormous funding.

The giving program is an easy way for you help us save more and continue our projects.

Donate $10 Monthly

Happy Donors Club

Supports Veterinary Medicines and Supplies

(Php 15/day)

+ Vitamins & Anti-biotic Injectables

+ Fund for Surgical Supplies

+ Additional Syringe & Needles 

Donate $30 Monthly

Care Donors Club

Supports Rabies & Stray-free Philippines Campaign

(Php 50/day)

+ Anti-Rabies & 5-in1 Vaccinations

+Fund for traps, cages & Leashes

+ Provide dog & cat food. Build feeding stations.

Donate $50 Monthly

Inspire Donors Club

Supports Outreach Mission Projects

(Php 80/day)

+ Research and Assistance for Outreach Missions

+ Can provide neutering for 5 Dogs/10 Cats monthly

+ Contribute to our Medical Mission Fund

Do Bank Deposits

RCBC Commercial Bank: 
Account name: Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation, Inc.
Account number: 9020-1450-13

(Good for mobile transfers)
BPI: 2759083515
BDO: 004590230111
(BDO & BPI are temporarily named under Percival Resurreccion.)

support our campaigns

You can support our projects and programs by donating directly on our online funding links. 


Donation in Kind

If you wish to donate in kind, the following are at the priority in PPBCC:

  • Vitamins and Anti-biotic Injectables
  • Surgical Supplies
  • Syringe and Needles
  • Anti-Rabies and 5-in-1 Vaccines
  • Dog food (kibble and canned)
  • Cat food (kibble and canned)
  • Trapping cages and leashes

Your donations, whether in cash or in-kind, go a long way towards helping Philippine Pet Birth Control Center perform our mandate of providing affordable spay and neutering programs.