Our country is in desperate need of change for our companion animal welfare. The main hindrance is the presence of Rabies threat in the Philippines. Unnecessary deaths due to rabies is unacceptable. By helping the goverment eradicate rabies thru humanely controlling dog and cact population, we are opening doors to a better implementation of laws that protects humans and animals as well. There are many ways for you to be part of the change.

Your donations in cash or in kind will help us sustain our mission. And your sponsorship is vital to our long term goal for a society that cares for dogs and cats.

Your support by purchasing our gifts will help us in daily expenses. We have 7 surgeons that make it possible to desex  dogs and cats in large numbers and to reach areas that needs dog and cat population control.

We are dedicated to our mission but we can’t do it alone. We need you to be part of the change.


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