The Founder of the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation is a long time advocate of spaying and neutering as a means of ending rabies and fighting animal abuse. She has been a veterinarian practitioner and animal welfare advocate for almost 14 years. Dr. Maricelle Licuanan-Resurreccion started “Kapondasyon” a few years ago. She along with her team goes to different barangays to conduct free neuter services for the community.


It also started our only for “aspins” and “puspins”, or what they call mongrel/mix breeds. This was to prioritize and give importance to the non-pure breedĀ cats and dogs. Today, however, PPBCC Foudnation caters to all breeds of dogs and cats.



She believes that making a change in companion animal welfare needs to start with eradicating rabies by controlling the pet population.



These are some of the few areas where barangay KAPONDASYON did free neutering services for the community.




Doc Mace had a greater vision and that is to take her advocacy on a national level. The demand and urgency to make the change happen areĀ about opening the opportunity to everyone and every place in the country. And that is how the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation started.


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