This is the neuter clinic update (September 27, 2017) It is almost finished. We are aiming to open it the first week of October.

This is our pending neuter clinic construction. It will accommodate 200-300 pets per day and will also serve as a training facility for veterinarians those who wants to learn how to do quick spaying. This will be our first neuter clinic where we can serve low-cost neutering every day and free neutering for all the indigent pets of pet owners. All our TNVR projects will also be facilitated in this clinic. Please help us finish our neuter clinic.

The amount of total construction of the clinic, including all the surgical tables, materials, and operational items needed is around $30,000, over the past few months this is the overview of the neuter clinic funding.


We are asking for your support to help us finish our neuter clinic, let's build a stray-free and rabies-free Philippines.



Our campaign project for our neuter clinic.

Please check out our gogetfunding online fundraising update, we have managed to raise some amounts for the clinic and on our own funding it is now 65% completed. See photos above.

"Hi everyone!

We would just like to update you about our neuter clinic. All the donations here went into the construction of the PPBCC Foundation neuter clinic, the contract cost is $30,000, your donations here, other offline contributions and our own sourcing have built this clinic to where it is now, it is now 65% finished. But we have stopped construction last May 2017 due to lack of funds, there were many outreach mission request that we cannot say 'no' to, they are urgent request from rural veterinarians, needing immediate response to do neuter outreach missions, and it has been successful. However it has cost us to divert our own personal funds from completing our neuter clinic. We will still continue to build it and we hope that you can continue to help us.

This fundraising campaign have been expired as per gogetfunding regualtions, but we created a new one supporting all our work, you can go to

Thank you everyone. Please make sure to visit our facebook page to see the latest about our work."

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In order to meet our mission, vision, goals and objectives and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals for support. In our outreach missions, we are provided tents or areas where we can do our surgeries. But we mainly do our regular surgeries in Mandaluyong Animal Care, this private clinic serves as a pillar as we continue to pursue our advocacy. The demand for sponsored and low-cost neuter services increases every day and this inspired us to build our very first neuter clinic. We want to do as much and as fast as we can to eradicate rabies and solve the growing problem of pet over population through neutering.

Lets work together to change the world of animals. Your help will make a big difference.