[znhg_alternative_header heading_type=”h2″]The Benefits of Neutering[/znhg_alternative_header]

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  • Reduce Roaming
  • Reduce Spraying and Marking
  • Reduce Aggession
  • Lower Risk of Different Types of Cancers
  • Increase Lifespan Up To 3-5 Years
  • Decrease Population Leading to Better Quality of life


[znhg_alternative_header heading_type=”h2″]FAQs[/znhg_alternative_header]

[accordion title=”Is it safe?” style=”style2″]Neutering or sterilization procedure is generally safe, it is extremely rare to have cases of complication[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How old can a dog/cat be neutered?” style=”style2″]A cat/dog can be neutered as early as four (4) monts old.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can pregnant cat/dog be neutered?” style=”style2″]Yes, however the stage of pregnancy and health of the animal will be considered.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Is it expensive?” style=”style2″]PPBCC makes it affordable for all pet owners to have their pets neutered.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How long is the recovery?” style=”style2″]Full recovery from anesthesia takes 6-8 hours. Guidlines on post-operation care is provided.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Will the behavior change?” style=”style2″]A neutered dog/cat will be calmer & content because they have less urge to find mate.[/accordion]