We are very pleased to announce that our team of vets will be joining the spay and neuter project of Clean futures Fund at Chernobyl, Ukrain.
The Dogs of Chernobyl are descendants of dogs that were left behind due to a nuclear reactor explosion in Chernobyl. They are not allowed to be adopted or be rescued. And despite of their living condition these dogs are continuously multiplying.

This situation is very close to our hearts as we are advocating neutering and spaying, the only way to give these dogs a better life is to control their population and vaccinate them. This is what Clean Futures Fund will be doing in their three year campaign and this is what we will be part of.

We are asking for your support to help us fund our plane tickets and pocket money to join this project. Out team has passed the volunteer application and we are on our way to help save these dogs from further suffering.

Visit our fundraising link:

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