Our team participated in a two-day spay and neuter event at Cebu city headed by Dr. Alice Utlang

June 30 “Halad sa Kapamilya”
Cebu City Veterinary Services lead by Dr. Alice Utlang.

300 Pets neutered together with PVMA, CCAPA , SWU-CVM, Dr. Miriam Lopez Vito of BAI- Quarantine Services ,Dr. Zeam Voltaire E. Amper of DA-7, SWU – CVM Clinicians, CTU – CVM Barili, IRO and DVMF staff

July 1 “One Time Big Time” 259 Pets Spayed today together at Cebu City.

With the volunteer vets from all over the Philippines PVMA, Vets Love Nature, Dr. John, Dr. Mitzi, Dr. Joy, Dr. Keith, Dr. Rabacal, Dr. Earl, Dr. Ed, Dr. Jes, Dr. Jen, Dr. Zandro, Dr. Che, Dr. Almie, Dr. Salvador, clinicians of SWU, & the DVMF Staff.