A heartfelt “Thank you” to the Japanese community that welcomed us in Japan.

We are very fortunate and grateful to join Dr. Jeff and Dr. Petra’s Japan Tour 2018 through Yamasaki Hiro.

A collaboration of advocacy for spaying and neutering. Bridging the veterinarian and animal welfare organizations all over the world.

Yamasaki Hiro, Dr. Jeffrey Young & Dr. Maricelle Resurreccion 

Presenting the PPBCC Foundation to the Japanese community, Dr. Maricelle Licuanan-Resurreccion discussed poverty and pet overpopulation in the Philippines and how PPBCC is bridging the gap through providing low-cost and free spay and neuter services.


Learning with Dr. Jeff and sharing advises with the Japanese vets about spay and neuter surgery techniques.


Visiting Japanese veterinary clinics.


We enjoyed both the country and the city areas of Japan and received wonderful welcome everywhere we go.

We appreciate all the warm welcome and support from Japan, from the young animal welfare advocates to the pioneers and to the different organizations, veterinarians and fellow spay and neuter advocates, thank you very much. We have been really inspired and we are coming back again this year! 


Dr. Jeffrey Young is such an inspiration and we hope to continue to work with him and with Japan. We are very thankful to meet him through this tour, we learned many things about the challenges of advocating spaying and neutering. 

Thank you Japan! Your donation will go for the PPBCC Spay and Neuter Van. It is a big help towards our aim to finally have our own transport van to reach more places and neuter more animals. Check the update details please visit gogetfunding.com/endhomelessnessnow 

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