Stray, abused, neglected & victims of animal cruelty, these are the reports that animal      welfare groups face everyday. As the years go by we had witness the worsening condition of the stray animals in the Philippines. There is an underlying problem that is not currently address to solve the situation, it is the growing population of dogs & cats in the country. And it can only be solved with sterilization and providing information about responsible pet ownership.

Most of the pet owners are still not aware of the benefits of neutering and there are no laws regarding pet birth control in the country. This is our goal and this is what we want, a change.

Philippine Pet Birth Control Center have been offering the lowest neutering services in the country, our team can neuter as much as 200 cats & dogs in a day. We want to make neutering affordable especially to the indigent pet owners, thus we have done numerous free & sponsored neutering services project. It has always been our aim to lessen animal abuse and abandonment by controlling the dog and cat population through sterilization.


Cavite KaponAffordable 2018

GOOD NEWS! To all our followers from Cavite! We will bring our low-cost neuter services at Imus again! Please check the poster below for details: Limited slots available: REGISTER TODAY! ❤️ Take this opportunity to have your pets neutered at a low-cost. CATS – Php 500  DOGS – Php 1,000* 👉How to save a slot

Libreng Kapon sa Tacloban

We are happy to announce that we have neutered 57 pets at Tacloban City. Here are few photos from the event.
Lola had her cat spayed in one of our outreach mission, she doesn’t have a cage so she brought a bag-sack, waited hours & went home happy. “There is no way I can afford to have my cat neutered.” she whispered to us. This is what makes us go on. Changing the lives of animals

Outreach Mission for April 2018

Libreng KAPON sa TACLOBAN! In cooperation with Tacloban City Veterinary Office