Monthly dog sponsorship benefits the dogs of the indigent pet owners.

These are the families that loves their dogs but does not have the means to have them neutered, by sponsoring their dog for neutering you are also contributing to welfare of all the animals in controlling the stray population.

Help us, help more. Sponsor a dog today.

Payment Options

  • Monthly Dog Sponsorship
  • $20
    per Month
  • - Neutering
  • - Anti Rabies Vaccination
  • - Dog Leash
  • Monthly Cat Sponsorship
  • $10
    per Mothly
  • - Neutering
  • - Anti Rabies Vaccination
  • - Cat food

Payment Options

Monthly cat sponsorship benefits stray/feral cats and cats of the indigents.

Cats multiply so quickly that we are very serious about controlling their population for their protection.

Your sponsorship will go for our TNVR - Cat Colony Care and Protect Program and the cats of the indigent cat owners.

Support our program. Sponsor a cat today.

  • Sponsor an Event (Neuter/Spay)
  • $2000
    per One Day Event
  • - Neuter 300 Dogs/Cats
  • - Vaccinations
  • - Medications


Save more lives, Sponsor An Event That Will Help More Animals

Sponsoring an event for your community or other communities makes such a great impact for our advocacy. It allows us to help the areas with high rabies cases and no dog and cat population control program. Every animal we sterilize is also given anti-rabies vaccine. Protecting the family that owns the pet and for free roaming dogs it protects the community where they belong.


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