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Kapondasyon: How it all started.

The Founder of the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation is a long time advocate of spaying and neutering as a means of ending rabies and fighting animal abuse. She has been a veterinarian practitioner and animal welfare advocate for almost 14 years. Dr. Maricelle Licuanan-Resurreccion started “Kapondasyon” a few years ago. She along with

Overview of our neuter programs

Since January 2017 we have neutered for free 2562 pets in our outreach missions. We are trying to focus on Visayas and Mindanao where there is limited access to desexing. It is vital  for us to have a receptive City Veterinarians that welcome our program. This coming August 2017 alone we have 3 outreach missions

How you can help with the problem?

Our country is in desperate need of change for our companion animal welfare. The main hindrance is the presence of Rabies threat in the Philippines. Unnecessary deaths due to rabies is unacceptable. By helping the goverment eradicate rabies thru humanely controlling dog and cact population, we are opening doors to a better implementation of laws
We at PPBCC recognizes the importance of dog and cat population control in eradication of rabies. Rabies is an endemic disease in the Philippines, 100% fatal and 100% preventable. Rabies transmission from dogs/cats is linked in low-income countries like the Philippines. We also believe that by having a controlled dog and cat population, we are