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We are very pleased to announce that our team of vets will be joining the spay and neuter project of Clean futures Fund at Chernobyl, Ukrain. The Dogs of Chernobyl are descendants of dogs that were left behind due to a nuclear reactor explosion in Chernobyl. They are not allowed to be adopted or be

PPBCC World Spay Day Celebration

It was such an overwhelming day. This is our second year in celebrating the WORLD SPAY DAY. And this year we were able to neuter 520 pets in two days! A record breaking event for us! We are so thankful to all the pet owners who came and endured the heat for their furry pets.

PPBCC Foundation 2017

January 2017 to December 2017 we have done 10,688 neuter surgeries, consisting of the low-cost neuter, free neuter, outreach missions and TNVR/CNVR program. 35 Outreach Missions in different Cities & Provinces Highest Record: 504 pets in a 2 day Outreach Mission Event

Aklan Neuter Outreach Mission

Our team on our way to Aklan for our first ever Outreach Mission this year. Here are our vets hard at work as the people starts to come in for the free spay and neuter. We are happy to have our clinicians join this neuter outreach mission. we are very thankful to everyone who brought